Keepin’ It Real

I just told Mike I feel like I fell off the mom treadmill today and I’m too tired to climb back on and get my stride with it still running. He says he knows this already, because he misses his kids and therefore realizes he hasn’t been spending enough time with them to keep me from going crazy. True dat.

Today I pretty much went crazy. Thankfully they napped and I got out of the house for two hours while Mike worked. Mike had to play a funeral this morning which made it feel like a 6th weekday. Didn’t see that coming somehow. There was one point (after reading the same two pages of a story book in a loop for 10 minutes) when I started singing a hymn belligerently, at the top of my lungs, while I wiped up a chair and floor full of chopped spaghetti, because I didn’t trust myself to not flip out at my sweet, unsuspecting plate-dumping toddler. It’t not HIS fault I’m this tired. (That’s definitely debatable.)

Anyway, here’s to hump week. We’re officially past half-way on this semester and I’m starting to count the weeks on my husband’s behalf. Really it’s on my behalf.

Life in grad school with two babies. If I weren’t trying to beat the budget I would’ve bought that huge bottle of Jagermeister I was contemplating this afternoon. And now to clean up the house. We leave for church before the sun comes up, in less than 12 hours. Dear Lord, please make Sunday feel like a week of Sundays. That’s how many we need this time around.


3 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real

  1. I’m feeling the parent treadmill, too. Makes me wish I had time to get on the actual treadmill ūüėČ Exercise is now very much a secondary priority. I can’t imagine doing this parenting stuff while we were in grad school, though; that was its own couple years of sleepless nights.

  2. Oh, darling….how well I relate to this….these years of little ones and all the MORE things that must be done while you’re juggling and then¬† an unexpected added challenge¬†¬† pops up right in your path with no way to go¬† ’round or over it and the baby is running a fever and the other drops a bowl full of cereal and the phone rings and it’s a¬† wrong number twice in a row and you discover the sink is still filled w/baking dishes soaking and the doorbell rings and you don’t want any but as you shut the door…..politely….no reason to take it out on anyone just ’cause you’re frazzled and the washing machine has indigestion before it finishes the spin cycle and Mike calls to say he’s bringing a couple of friends from the school for dinner….’don’t fuss, honey’ …and you plop into a big chair…both babies blessedly playing quietly (for how long?) and try to invent¬† a new dinner menu from the contents of the fridge…no way to shop…no MONEY to shop…You sit there and pray and a peace quietly moves into¬† your being….very quietly…..your brain stops whirling and you relax into His peace….the world quits whirling and you’re blessedly able to sit quietly in His mercy and His love……and then the day¬† quietly resumes…..but peacefully, no panic…and the babies awake and Mike calls again to say he’s bringing something for dinner….and you move into remaining¬† tasks with the old,¬† old hymns supporting you, infusing your being with peace and a grateful heart…..

    Oh, I love you, honey….how I love you. And my great-grandbabies!¬† With a grateful heart, and my deep prayers for¬† you and Mike and the little ones.¬† Your Nonnie

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