Meredith: 4 Months

Sweet Meredith,

I finally feel like I know you. I know the faces you make, I know what you will probably do (cry) and not do (nap), and I know that when you sleep you like to arch your back to the right and turn your head to the side. Which, by the way, is so cute that I come look at you sleeping sometimes just to see.

You don’t sleep very much during the day. The normal the last couple weeks has been three 45-minute naps, and I have had to learn not to be frustrated with this. I can tell you need more, but we’re not there yet. Yesterday, though, you slept almost 2 hours late in the afternoon and when you woke up you were happy and calm instead of in a frenzy of crying. See, told you sleeping longer was better!

At night, though, you are an angel. We’ve just begun giving you a bath in the big tub, just a quick dunk in the shallow end as it begins to fill for your brother’s nightly shenanigans. You kick like a fish with legs. You love it! Then you get your jammies and we sit in Daddy’s dark office and I pray for you and sing to you while you nurse. Daddy & Jacob come and kiss you after he has his jammies on and then you go in your bassinet that is you are way too big for already and you almost never make a peep as you go to sleep. Then you wake once around 3:00 or 4:00, I feed you and you are asleep again within 10 minutes, waking up peaceful and smiley between 7:00 and 8:00. Girlie, if you could bottle that we’d be rich.

You continue to be an extreme snuggler. You also like your bouncy chair, the play mat with animals hanging from it, and recently the bumbo chair has made its debut. You munch your hands so continuously that I’m surprised you haven’t gnawed them to the bone yet. You love those little mitts and you’re even becoming a thumb-sucker which I find completely adorable. You’ve learned how to use them to grab stuff and bring it to your mouth, so you are frequently sucking on your shirt, a stuffed animal, a blanket, or whatever was in grabbing distance.

You love to watch Jacob and give him silly grins, especially while you sit together on the kitchen floor during his breakfast time. And he loves you so, so, so much. You lighten up his morning when we go to get him out of bed each day and it’s becoming obvious that I am boring stuff now and you are the real prize.

You are master of silly noises – squeaks, squeals, long stories, and most recently, giggles. You are also master of silly faces and I have had very little success capturing your sweet, lovely, perfect smile on camera, even though you distribute it generously on your adoring public. Usually for the pictures it’s something more along the lines of sassy elf. We still can’t decide what will become of your hair and eyes. Blonde and blue like your brother? It’s hard to tell. They both seem to be staying darker longer than his did.

I sing a lot of ridiculous songs to you and your brother and one of the more common ones is “O Meredith” sung to the music of “O Christmas Tree.” When I’m not singing, though, I tend to use different names for you – Meredifs, Punkin Face, Princess Majesty, Little Miss Lady, and (please forgive me) Merry Merry Quite Contrary. It’s not really my fault about this last one. You’re the feisty one in this family. Oh, and I’m pretty sure “Punkin Majesty” has happened before, too. I’m the Mom, I’m allowed.

Four months has gone so much faster for me this time than it did when we were getting to know your brother. It’s amazing how quickly you’ve blended into the fabric of our lives. Sometimes I imagine what life was like before you and it just looks so bland and two-dimensional. You’ve brought big, loud, vibrant color to everything in our world. Thank you for that.

I love you.



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