This post is entirely for me to read in thirty years. Nothing profound will be written, I just feel like remembering it.

Got up at 7:30 after ten hours of sleep minus waking twice to feed Meredith. I’ve been hitting the gym every day for these two weeks so the exhaustion stacked up and I just crashed when we got home from dinner with friends. Staggered down the stairs to kiss Mike good-bye on his way to one last organ lesson of the semester in preparation for his recording sessions the next two days. I lazed around a bit and had breakfast. Meredith slept in late so I went to get Jacob at 8:30 without her. I read him my Psalms for the day while he ate a banana pancake from the freezer and a clementine (his current craze). We got Meredith up at 9:00 and got out the door just after 9:30. Dropped Jacob off at Amy’s house so I could take Meredith to her 4-month doctor’s appointment without him to add to the drama. He did so well. He’s growing out of his freak-outs quickly.

After waiting at the doctor forever and picking Jacob up we got home shortly after 11 and Alicia came over with Julian to hang out. We had a great chat as always and then Mike got home a bit after noon and we had PBJ together. Then Meredith hung out and Jacob played outside while I tore through the house emptying trash, putting things away, and picking up laundry. Meredith went down for her nap and Jacob helped me put away all the toys downstairs and then sat down on his bean bag to read books – a new thing he’s into this week! – so instead of putting him down for his nap I left him there to read and went to relax upstairs. He toddled up 20 minutes later and I put him down for his nap. Got some dishes done and Monday’s pot roast leftovers chopped into stew before Meredith woke up, then snuggled her on the couch while she screamed for 20 minutes. Clearly the shots were bothering her. She finally calmed down and settled in to play next to me and I worked on the advent calendar project of the century some more.

At 4:30 Mike quit practicing and came down to take over the kids so I could go teach piano. My sweet students, a pair of sisters, 10 and 8 years old, consistently make my week fabulous every single Wednesday. They are some of the greatest kids I’ve ever met, certainly ever taught. And today they were all chatty about Christmas (they’re going to Mexico!) and they had Christmas presents for me and were very concerned about not seeing me for three weeks. I got home in a ridiculously good mood as always. We sat down to stew and Jacob and Meredith were just OFF. Meredith was fussy so I fed her while I stew got cold. And Jacob kept dissolving in tears every time she’d cry. He was also not a fan of the stew and just seemed too cranky to eat. Obviously too tired to handle the excitement of Christmas cookies already in plain view on the table. We got through dinner and did a mad-dash through the bath-Bible-bedtime routine.

I left the house at 6:55 with Mike on his way upstairs to put Meredith to bed and return to his practicing, Jacob in his crib with bedtime kisses and a special treat of having the lamp on and a stack of books. I pulled in to the gym just as the manager was locking the guest entrance door for the night. (I’ve been taking advantage of a free 14-day pass I found an ad for.) She let me in and I biked 11 miles with an episode of Castle on TNT, did some crunches and stretches and went home too bored and unmotivated for the lifting I’d planned. Stopped at Kroger on the way home to pick up Tylenol for Meredith and ran into a friend in the parking lot.

When I got home I went to check on Jacob was was still up goofing around and happy to see me. I put away the books, turned out the light, tucked him in, and just stayed stroking his sweet head for a few minutes, stopping to notice how few nights of tucking my boy into his crib are left since we are planning to switch to a toddler bed when we get home from Christmas in Florida. I am overwhelmed daily at how crazy I am about that boy. Crazy.

Poked my head in to see Mike and then made toast and eggs because I was starving. I’m trying to be really careful to ingest a ton of healthy calories while I’m working out so hard so my milk supply stays strong. I had to go down and comfort Jacob who was crying in his bed. Probably better for him if we don’t change up his normal with crazy treats like books after bedtime. Oops. Put away the crockpot of cooled stew and the cranberry sauce I made in the afternoon. (I’m on a cranberry sauce, yogurt, and raw oats kick for breakfast right now.) Now if I can ever quit rambling I will get some more work done on the advent calendar and the Christmas devotionals I’m planning for the days we spend with my parents in Florida.

The day was just so completely ordinary and boring but ordinary is just feeling good. This town is even starting to feel like home, and being able to call Amy with a half hour’s notice and leave Jacob with her felt so incredibly good, like maybe I finally belong here. I’m also noticing the last month or so how we’ve settled in to life and started feeling like we’re good at it. I just feel stable and it’s really surprising me how unfamiliar that feels. Then I look back and realize that my entire adult life has been nothing but transition and new beginnings and it’s starting to make sense why things are starting to feel so comfortable and sweet.


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