Jacob: 21 Months

Dear Jacob,

So much change and adventure this month! The highlights were a trip to see Gramma and Grampa in Florida for Christmas and a new bed for you. We’ve had so much fun!


You’ve had good days and bad days and it’s interesting to see how it’s a regular cycle. There’s no mistaking which kind of a day it is, either. It seems like you spend the entire day either happy and compliant or fussy and willful. It seems like you have more happy days than fussy ones and your antics have brought us to laughter so many times.

Just the other night Daddy and I looked at each other as you snuggled into your bed and our eyes nearly popped out of our heads from surprise. We were looking at each other to make sure we’d both just heard what we thought we had. We’d just been singing Christ, Mighty Savior to you and then we’d kissed and prayed and tickled and you’d gotten all dug in with your ridiculous posse of animals and then we heard you start to sing, only it wasn’t just any melody, you were humming Christ, Mighty Savior, NOTE-PERFECT. You did it a second time as we closed the door behind us and then we burst into fits of laughter.

You are a genius. Oh my word.

Your tunes are rapidly developing and there are several discernable fragments that you sing repeatedly. In just a month you’ve gone from a completely amorphous sound to a strong sense of diatonic scale, tonal center, and even meter.

It might be too late to offer this to you, but we want you to know that if you don’t want to be a musician, we promise you will never need to fear any pressure in that direction from either of us. You can be a soccer player or an airline pilot for all we care.

It’s too late, isn’t it? We’ve already ruined you.

Anyway, speaking of airlines, you enjoyed getting to ride on them at Christmas. It wasn’t your first time, but it seemed like it. Two days before we left we packed our bags and gave you your little alligator backpack to wear and you tramped around the house proud and eager. You looked so grown up I could hardly believe it. It was such fun sneaking into your room at 5:00 a.m. to tell you it was finally time to go. In an instant you were wide awake and ready for the adventure we’d hyped up.


You had such a blast at Gramma and Grampa’s house and got to know your Grampa and Uncle AJ better. You basked in all the attention and had a few really hilarious moments, purposely hamming it up for an audience. We were impressed with you and so blessed by how comfortably you adapted and went with the flow. You didn’t seem to worry at all when Daddy & Mommy would leave you with your aunties for a few hours to sneak off alone.


You had your first snow experience this month and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected even though you cried when we had to peel off cold wet clothes at the end and wait for a bath to thaw your little fingers and toes. The day Daddy finished his semester’s work we got to go play in it all together while Meredith napped and it was a treat to spend those magical moments all together. Even more snow fell while we were in Florida and this week we’ve enjoyed it some more. Monday you and I played in it for almost two hours, and yesterday you got a turn with Daddy.


And then there’s the matter of your new bed. You have taken it in stride like a champ. You are so easy-going! The first day we set it up and put it side by side with your crib. You kept throwing all your animals back into the crib, certain that’s where they belonged. The next day we let you take your nap in the bed and it went off so perfectly that we’ve never looked back. You love it now and you’re so proud of it. The simple lamb-and-penguin show you had going in your crib has been expanded to absurdity and now there is a bear, a doll, a pillow, a monkey, and three puppies who all have essential roles. Sitting next to your bed is a massive gorilla and every time you go to sleep we poke our heads in to find you draped across him or snuggled up beside him. You know what you like.

photo (1)

I think your favorite thing right now is tools. You helped Daddy build your bed and you helped him fix the old wooden train Mommy and your aunties and uncles had when we were little. You feel right at home with a big power drill and it is adorable to watch you poke a screw driver here and there just like you see Daddy doing. The other day Daddy had finished disassembling something for me in your room and you snagged his screw driver and went for the screw on the AC intake vent in the wall by your bed. How do you know these things!?

photo (4)

Every time I write these letters I wonder if next month will be the month I finally get to write about the arrival of spoken language. Maybe this month will finally be the one. Today you were willing to try sounds, and your facial muscles showed so much intention, even though the sounds all came out the same. In your mind you seem to think you’re imitating me exactly when I ask you to say a word. I’m excited for the things you’re going to learn in this new year. Your sister takes a predictable morning nap now and today we sat down with nine tiny jars of play dough and I started to teach you colors, having you try to match up the play dough balls with the jar lids. You were engaged and eager, and drinking in my undivided attention, and I think you even understood a teeny, weeny bit.

photo (3)

Thanks for being such a joy and blessing to Daddy and me. Thanks for eating what we give you, willingly pushing in your chair and carrying the ranch dressing back to the fridge, patiently waiting for us all to sit down and pray before you dig in to lunch. Thanks for all the smooches and squeezes and high fives, and all the eager interest in your sister. Thanks for enjoying the moments we spend in worship together every morning and evening and for keeping our eyes popping out of our heads on a regular basis. You’re the best and we’re crazy about you.

photo (8)


photo (5)


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