Jacob Journal: 22 Months

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Dear Jacob,

I think you’re a real little boy now with not a trace of baby except your wordlessness. This month I’ve watched you blossom into this lovely, fun, silly kid and I am enjoying you so much.

photo (7)

You got your first home haircut and I thought it turned out pretty well. I will keep learning so I won’t embarrass you with my money-saving endeavors. I set you up in the little bumbo seat on top of the bare coffee table and put Curious George on TV and you sat with complete patience for a half hour while I went to work. I thought it was actually fun! Just think how easy it will be when you know how to keep from squirming and when I know what I’m doing.

photo (3)

We did so many fun little things this month. On one ridiculously warm day we went to the park with Daddy and your sister. On one very muddy day I let you jump and wade through all the puddles and then we had a little bath for our toes and you tore around in just your diaper for half an hour. On one very cold, boring day we stayed inside and made finger paints and we painted the glass door.

photo (4)

This is the sort of stuff we’re passing our time with, the “events” that punctuate the constant, predictable flow of your little life. Every morning you wake up and play in your room till I poke my head in, singing “You Are My Sunshine,” around 8:30. Then you & Meredith get dressed and you do an awesome job of helping to put all your toys and animals in their places and we pray and sing and go for breakfast. You help me with chores, we sing lots of songs and listen to tons of music. You enjoy some quiet play time in your room before or after nap time and it seems to recharge both our batteries. And we still finish off the day with bathtime with Daddy.

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This month we finished reading through the entire book of Psalms, which we started in June when we began having regular family worship together. Now we’re on to little chunks of Mark and you are starting to learn more and more about Jesus. You enthusiastically point to your palm, making the sign for “Jesus” whenever we talk about him and often when you’ve been disciplined you sign it unpromted, remembering how I’ve been teaching you to pray: “Jesus, I’m sorry. Please help me. Amen.” It’s such a joy to see you learning to pray with eagerness. At mealtime, too, you have your own signed prayer that you love: “Jesus, thank you for this food. Please help us to be strong to love you with all our might. Amen.”

photo (5)

Three things stand out in my mind – markers of the little boy you’re becoming. You climb and bounce and run around crazy everywhere, on everything. You bounce on the couch and a couple weeks ago you fell and nearly knocked your teeth out. You tip on the rocking chair ottoman and wrestle the swiss ball (as tall as you!) with all your might. You climb into your chair at the dinner table all by yourself and if I don’t stop you you’ll take everything off the coffee table and make it your perch. One morning I was writing music at the piano and before I’d even noticed what you were doing you had placed yourself in my lap on the piano bench. You’re getting tall to match all this mobility, too. Tall and skinny. Your big round baby belly is almost gone and sometimes it takes me by surprise, how skinny you are.

photo (10)

You are developing emotionally in some big ways and it is drawing on all my reserves of patience and strength. You often wake up at naptime or in the mornings wailing like the end of the world and it’s pretty clear it’s bad dreams. The minute you see me you nestle in for a fierce hug and then in an instant it’s all better again. You’re also developing a sense of justice and anger. You’re throwing, hitting, or banging to express your dislike or frustration and a million times a day I remind you “If you’re feeling frustrated, ask for help” and “If you won’t fuss, it will be easier.” These are lessons your mommy is still learning herself and I’m glad for the constant reminder. Your sense of humor is deepening and it’s a treat to see how much delight you feel at some things. Yesterday you came up from your nap to discover a big snow man out the window that our neighbors built. You spent five minutes just pointing and cackling with glee.

photo (8)

Your mind is a wonder. The clearest sign I have of its rapid growth is how you’ve grown to love reading stories this month. You’ve always loved books but usually you’re mostly interested in the pictures, the turning pages, or the hanging-out time. Now you’ve got favorite STORIES: The Poky Little Puppy and Corduroy are at the top of the list right now, second only to a tiny board book that we sing at least a dozen times a day: The Wheels On the Bus. Not only do we sing it but we have hand motions that go along and you just can’t help busting out the dance moves, you love it so much. Pretty much any book, though, I can invite you to snuggle up under the big blue afghan with me and you’ll listen attentively to the story unfolding and then listen some more as long as I’ll keep going. You’re also becoming interested in games and puzzles. I’m surprised how quickly you’ve mastered a few that we have. Yesterday you really played WITH Daddy and me, as one of us would accept the truck you offered and then together we’d race our trucks down the ring-binder ramp we set up in Daddy’s office. And sometimes when Meredith is asleep you’ll randomly come up to me and touch your finger to your lips as if to remind me that we need to be quiet since she’s napping.


I love the stuffings out of you, kiddo. You are amazing and such a good buddy.

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