Oops, Planning Again.

You know how when you’re a little kid you draw pictures of the exact wedding dress you’re going to wear and decide who all your bridesmaids will be and what you will name your kids and then none of that happens and not only that but your parents have the nerve of moving to a different state and dragging you along and then suddenly all your precise life plans are ruined forever? And then you realize that what God unfolded in their place was about 1000% better. So you swear off making life-plans by the time you’re in your early 20s and marrying a man you never ever would’ve pictured but who’s a million times better than all your expectations. And so life unfolds peacefully, one day at at a time, and you just ho-hum along, name your kids as they come, buy this piece of furniture and move to that town and pretty soon you look back and that was life and you are glad you didn’t waste the emotional energy planning something that would never be, because it would never have been THIS good and God is so generous and creative.

Well I accidentally started planning again and the details are not worth sharing, but it involves a house that I’m determined to move into and I’m feeling just a little silly.

But mostly I want to live in this house when our present lease is up.

(I’m thankful God doesn’t seem swayed by such silliness and I’m sure thanks to past experience that two years from now when we are not living in that house, and not even living in the same STATE, that I will be OK with it.)

But I still want to live in that house.


2 thoughts on “Oops, Planning Again.

  1. Hahaha, I know what you mean! My life is not at ALL what I expected and somehow I never learn and try to make plans anyway… why are we so silly?

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