Jacob: 26 Months

Dear Jacob,

You are TALKING!!! It’s only little bits and it all needs some level of translation, but it’s been a veritable explosion of words. In two short days you went from three to four to thirty and you just keep trying new ones. Mommy, Daddy, Baby, B’Doh are repeated all day, often with a “verb” attached to each one: “Mommy, car. Daddy, car. Baby, car. B’Doh, car” when we’re ready to hop in the car. You are enjoying narrating things. For awhile it was all the excitement as we prepared to go see “Nini, Bapa, Buppies.” On that drive you were obsessed with towers, of all things, and any structure jutting up into the sky you called “B’dur,” which it took us awhile to realize was different from “B’Doh.” Also, you seem to think that all towers are for water, since once I identified a water tower for you.


Now that we’re home from Nana and Papa’s house your current story to narrate is about the smoke alarm that went off Saturday night while I was baking chicken. You just keep telling us about it. “Wee-oh,” you say (your generic word for all things remotely pertaining to sirens or fire). You point to it. You then say “Daddy” and wave your arms furiously (once you hit me square in the eye by accident), reminding us of the towel he was waving in front of it. Then you make the sign for water to point out that when there is fire, water makes it go away. Not that there was fire or anything, but this is your latest piece of knowledge and it is very important.


One of the best parts of your new language skills is that when you need help you no longer grunt, sign, or whine, you say “Mommy, mommy” in the sweetest little tiny squeal. And you know that if it’s not Mommy around “Daddy, Daddy” will do the trick, or “Nini, Nini.”


And speaking of Nini, who is technically Nana but we’ll take Nini for now too… She offered you a banana the night we got to her house and you took it. This astounded me since you have done nothing but gag on bananas for a year now. You devoured it and asked for more, and your word for “Banana” is the same as your word for “Nana.” Haha, no surprise there! (It doesn’t all make quite this much sense, since you persist in identifying a horse with a loud “Moo!”)


I just have to say: I LOVE that you are talking.


I also love that the singing is still in full force. You sing hymn after hymn and you are now trying to match pitch with us or the music, tuning your voice to the right key. You still have a serious obsession for That One Veggie Tales Song but you’ve added a new favorite from our recent acquisition of Big Stories for Little Ones. It’s in 3/4 time and it is so cute to hear you lilt it out.


You talk endlessly about Jesus by signing a finger into a palm and your eyes light up when we say “Jesus loves Jacob” and you recite all our names again: Jesus loves Daddy. Jesus loves Mommy. Jesus loves Baby. You have learned to identify a cross because of the little cross I often wear around my neck and I love telling you about how Daddy gave that to Mommy and it helps me to remember to love Jesus. You like to hold it in your fingers, fascinated. Now every time you see a cross shape you sign “Jesus.” The other day I was talking on my iPhone and you saw the screen with one of the icons that indicates the option to initiate a conference call. It’s a plus sign. You started pointing to my phone, excited, signing Jesus. I was so, so confused.


You are growing up so fast. One of the sweetest things I’ve seen you do lately is that when you are embarrassed or self-conscious, like when I notice your unavoidable joy as you stand mesmerized listening to “Praise God” at the end of our favorite new CD, you put the backs of your hands up over your eyes to hide, bashful. It steals my heart every time.


The other thing that stole my heart just today was when you brought me Corduroy to read on the porch this morning. We got to the end where the bear tells Lisa “I’ve always wanted a friend” and Lisa gives him a big hug and you grinned, practically jumped to your knees in my lap, and threw your whole body into a big bear hug around my neck. Then you repeated this half a dozen times – a fresh hug every time I said a big thank you.


Nana was enjoying how you switch from left-brain to right-brain, interrupting speech of whatever sort to sing, like when you want to point out a star so you sing “Twinkle twinkle” right then and there. I’ve been really confused lately why you’re singing Old MacDonald so often, at such random moments – and not just because I feel like I’ve only sung that song to you three or four times in your whole little life. Regardless of that, you still know it, and today I figured out why you sing it. You held up your little toy fire hydrant and started singing and I realized “E-I-E-I-O” sounds like “Wee-o-wee-o-wee.” And who wouldn’t love a song about fire trucks?


Tonight we went for a walk down by a creek and sat throwing stones in for awhile. You love to stop and line our feet up and then race as fast as you can. The sight of you running makes me realize how quickly you’re growing up. The penguin-waddle is all gone and you are stable and confident and when you run I can’t keep up with you merely by walking.


Summer is here and we are settling into a routine in our house after a month of kicking back. This means you are going to be learning once again how to share a room with your sister and how to stay in it until I get you. You’ve gotten used to scrambling upstairs when you wake up, sometimes at a very early hour, to find Mommy and Daddy. This has been cute and has made for some fun family snuggles, but I am going to be needing my life back now, sweet boy.


Your other big challenge right now is working on being sweet instead of angry, respectful instead of angry, cheerful instead of angry, forgiving instead of angry. You are a pretty huge cranky-pants and you have your own little anger words, “No-MAAAH” being the most common right now. You are angry when Mommy & Daddy tell you something you don’t want to do. You are angry when something is too hard. You are angry when you fall down. I understand this anger, little man, and I know you’ve gotten it from your Mommy. We have to work on it together. Partly we get angry because of the sheer injustice of the world. Dang-it-all, that floor HIT you just now and your feet FAILED you. So when you stop crying for fright or pain you have to yell for anger before you can let it go. It’s a hard lesson to learn. It’s a hard lesson to teach, too, because I sympathize, but having humble, forgiving hearts is how we love Jesus, no matter how broken the world is and how mean the floor is. At least I get to laugh a bit along the way at how absurd it sounds to say “Jacob, you have to be forgiving to the floor.”


I love you.





2 thoughts on “Jacob: 26 Months

  1. What joy this brought to my morning! Susan, your photos are so lovely, and he is such an incredibly cute boy! Thanks for doing these and sharing them with others.

    One little thought: Much more than needing to learn to be forgiving of the floor, he needs to learn to accept that his hitting the floor was his responsibility. Yes, we need to forgive those who do us wrong, but we don’t need to learn to forgive those who have done us no wrong–instead we need to learn not to blame them when they’re not blameworthy, and we do need to learn to accept blame to ourselves, even (maybe especially) for hurting ourselves, so that then we can learn to go to the only One who can forgive us not just for what we do to ourselves but also for what we do to Him.

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