Meredith: 10 Months

Sweet Meredith,

This month has been a breeze. You got over the teething fussies and are now sporting six scary little fangs. You are easily entertained now since you are mobile, and you have been a great sleeper. These last couple weeks have been a lot of easy fun and we are enjoying you so much.


You are still as loud as ever and almost everything you say is your standard open-mouthed yell, but recently you’ve been saying a lot of “Dada” and often you’ll do it on command. There’s also a bit of “Mama” now and then, but not as often and never on purpose, it seems. You also like to make a contented “Mmmmm” sound a lot.


You still think your brother is completely hilarious and you guys have had a lot of fun moments. Yesterday you were crawling to him and climbing up to standing with your hands on his belly. He and I were both in stitches.


The crawling started at Nana and Papa’s house the week of Memorial Day. I don’t know what finally inspired you but I think it was mostly your desire to get the dogs. You’d been inching around here and there all week but one morning while we were all sitting around there you were, taking off full-speed ahead to catch Socks and give him a piece of your mind. You also enjoyed going for their doggy food.


Now you are everywhere, constantly, and you’ve gotten quick. We are trying to teach you to take the 5-inch step from the grass onto the sidewalk outside so we don’t always have to run after you frantically, since that edge seems to be the only spot worth your attention outside. Sometimes I wish you’d been scared of grass like your brother because here I am again, without a moment’s peace outside, always chasing you.


You are standing up now, and not just on your brother. You have a sense of vertical and climb to your feet on any piece of wall or furniture you can find. This started in your crib and there was about a week when you would stand up every time we put you to bed and then scream for ages until we’d come to find you predictably stuck, not knowing how to sink to your silly little butt. The other day you climbed two stairs, so now I’m having to gate the upstairs, not just the downstairs. I’m not ready for you to cackle to me from the top step like Jacob did one day.


I think you’re going to be an early walker, you’re starting to get the idea of moving from one foot to the other while I’m holding your hands, and I’m seeing that itch in you to get from one edge of the couch to the other.


All this motion makes us laugh a lot since you are a tiny little bugger. We call you “Bug” a lot, or “Rugrat” because you just look like a squirmy little bug, all legs, creeping across the carpet. You were still only 17 lb 11 oz at your 9 month doctor’s visit and I am still dressing you in some 6-month sizes. So you are our little bug.


Speaking of dressing you, you have the most ridiculous wardrobe of cute dresses ever, so you wear dresses more often than not. You also have a striking gap in your shoe collection right here at size 3, so you are barefoot about 95% of the time. My sweet little summery girl with her dresses, bare toes, and best farmer’s tan ever. My personal favorite dress, which you wore to church today, makes you look like a 6-layered pink birthday cake with all its ruffles. Here’s a tip from a friend of mine that has served me with all those ruffles and which you may appreciate some day if you have your own tiny princess to dress: Don’t put girly, ruffly clothes in the dryer; shake them out and hang them to dry and then the ruffles won’t get all bunched up.


Your favorite things lately are playing games like peekaboo with Jacob or Daddy or me, jumping in your little activity gym, and getting into trouble, like the morning I came to find you waking up amidst an entire box-worth of shredded tissues, which you’d reached sometime in the night from the changing table through the rails of your crib. Trouble pretty much comes in five varieties for you: When we’re outside you like to put bad things in your mouth (more on that later). When you’re inside you make a bee-line for any open bathroom door or any freshly changed and not-yet-thrown-away diaper, or your all-time favorites: shoes and Jacob’s drinks. You have a sixth sense for these two and no matter how many kinds of cups Jacob carries around, you spot them and mark them for your own personal consumption. Shoes, too. It doesn’t matter whose they are or where, you have special radar to detect them and you just start nomming like the end of the world. You make your mommy crazy with the shoes, I tell you.


One of your favorite games, which Daddy plays with you more than anyone else, is to raise your arms up above your head and slam them down into your lap. You guys do this together all the time and usually you do it with your mouth wide open like you need all the air you can gulp. Yesterday I taught you how to clap and now if I say “Meredith! Yay!” you often start clapping.


We took you to the pool a couple weeks ago and you were completely fearless, crawling right into the zero-depth wading area until it was so deep I had to scoop you up before you breathed it in. I’d set you back down at the edge and you’d head right back in. I wish I’d gotten some pictures, because you are so stinkin’ cute in that little swimsuit.


My best story from this month (and sorry they aren’t any more sweet or profound this month, but you are just a ridiculous little bug) happened about a week ago. We were all playing outside with friends when suddenly I heard your brother start screaming like the apocalypse was upon us. I looked around in time to see you removing a curled-up worm from your mouth. It didn’t seem to have bothered you much but something told you it wasn’t for eating after all. Your poor brother, on the other hand, continued to scream off and on for a solid hour, traumatized to the point of clinging and convulsions. He loves you, little bug, so have some compassion on his nerves and don’t be eating anymore worms, OK?


I love you too.





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