Apparently I’m A Hippy or Something

I grow more unappreciative of technology and more in love with and alive to all that is real in the world with every passing day. Listening to Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow this week while cleaning houses, along with Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods. Those two books on top of the first chapter of Esolen’s How To Destroy the Imagination of Your Child are making me fantasize of living life as a self-sustaining farmer. While that is likely to always be a mere idealist fantasy, I find myself actively seeking and imagining little ways daily to be always closer to the source, less dependent on the machines both of technology and of commerce, though I do value those machines to a point. I am just in wonderment at how non-essential they are to depth of human thriving. This is a journey very surprising to me but one that is bringing me joy and a sense of vitality.

Also, this summer will forever be in my memory as the time I rediscovered the bliss of good reading.


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