Advent Is Coming!

Advent is 41 days away. If you think this is a pretty random number, you are right. It jumped out at me this morning because the Advent & Christmas calendar I’ve designed for my family has 41 days in it, including the Twelve Days of Christmas and ending at Epiphany. Advent’s a little short this season, beginning on December 1, so we are skipping a few of the more obscure characters in our parade of God’s people who waited for Jesus. But I am excited about embarking on this journey with our kids for the first time, beginning to teach them the story of redemption history.

Here’s my offer: If you have little people in your house and would like a devotional tool for advent, leave a comment here or send me an email. This morning I’ve begun writing a devotional geared towards our 2.5yo. Each day centers around one character, includes one symbol (ours will go on the Christmas tree as ornaments), and has one brief Scripture reading, a suggested hymn, a devotional reading of about 250 words, and a written prayer. Once we arrive at the Christmas season, we will shift gears and focus each day on a different aspect of who Christ is. The written devotionals are yours for free this year if you are interested. As a sample, here’s what I’ve written on Adam & Eve.

Sunday, December 1
Adam & Eve
Genesis 3:8-15
Hymn: Praise the Savior, Now and Ever

Adam & Eve were the first people God ever made. When He made them the whole world was beautiful and good. Every day they were together with God and they were always happy. They always listened to God. They always obeyed Him. One day Satan came to tempt them. He looked like a snake. Eve listened to Satan’s voice and chose to sin. Then instead of helping his wife to throw away her sin, Adam sinned, too. God had told them not to eat the fruit of one of His special trees. But they ate it anyway. Then they were sad and they had to hide from God. God was angry with them because of their sin. He said they could not live in His beautiful garden anymore. Their lives were hard and sad and their hearts were full of sin. Ever since then, all the people in the world have been just the same: our lives are hard and sad and our hearts are full of sin. But when God sent Adam & Eve away from His beautiful garden, He made the most amazing promise to them. He promised that He would send a Son, someday, who would destroy Satan and the power of sin. Then people could live with God again. Jesus is the Son that God promised to Adam & Eve. Advent is the season when we remember how all God’s people waited for Jesus to be born to take away their sin.

Heavenly Father, our hearts are full of sin, just like Adam & Eve. Please forgive us. Thank you for sending Jesus to destroy Satan and to take away our sin. Please teach us how to love Him. Give us patient, hopeful hearts to wait for His coming. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


6 thoughts on “Advent Is Coming!

  1. Advent is my favorite time of year, precisely because I grew up doing something similar to this with my family! We only did Advent devotions for the first 25 days of December, so I’d love to see your longer version. Advent and Lent/Easter devotions are now one of my girls’ favorite times of the year, and they aren’t nearly long enough for my girls!

    1. Hey Kara! I will add your email address to my list. At this point I intend to send the devotionals out to an email list one day in advance. Just let me know if that is a problem for you. You will have to share your ideas for Lent with me (other than the egg carton craft we did at BMoms last year) because I have been looking…

  2. Sure! That’d be great. I’m not sure I’m together enough to start this early though, so we may just choose some. Thank you Sus!

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