Weekend Links for December 1

As part of my ongoing process of unplugging from Facebook, I want to find a new method for sharing things I’ve found meaningful throughout the week. I link to online articles as much as the next guy (more, maybe) on Facebook, and twice already today I’ve gone to do just that. So I’m going to try a new system, publishing a list of whatever I’ve found link-worthy at the end of each week.

Here’s for today:

As I was grasping at ideas for what to say about Joseph for my children’s advent devotional, and coming up with nothing good, I turned to the ever-lovely Google for inspiration, and found this two-year-old piece by a Los Angelos writer, published on Busted Halo: Joseph, Hope, and Joy. Hope you enjoy it.

And this one was a link from one of those Facebook acquaintances I am getting ready to unfriend, a fellow I immensely enjoyed meeting in 2008 when I attended a summer conference of the Acton Institute. It speaks my mind perfectly, capturing what I think is one of the greatest values of following the rhythm of the liturgical year. I give you How the Liturgical Calendar Keeps Me Sane, written by Tish Harrison Warren at the Well, a blog of InterVarsity.

Happy Advent Eve, all!


One thought on “Weekend Links for December 1

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you’re doing this- I enjoyed those things to which you would link and was already missing that. Will you mention new and wonderful recipes as well? (We already have Carnitas on the weekly menu!) You’ve been such a good influence on me in so many ways,… and you now have me pondering FB as well. My blogging plummeted in the past year, and I suspect that time spent checking FB is robbing the blog. This is certainly a more meaningful way to share thoughts, or at least, it could be.

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