Ordinary Life

Motherhood is going downstairs to tuck your two-year-old back in for the night when you are woken at 2:00 a.m. to his sweetly singing all the verses of The Wheels on the Bus. When you find him buried under a pile of a dozen books and proud of his line of a dozen cars and he whispers “My books sleep in my bed” you assent, and leave it all as undisturbed as possible. Five hours later when you’ve slept through your alarm and you wake to hear him again, this time shrieking with rage, some sentence that you can’t quite pick out about his “gay (gray) race car” and “fire truck” not getting along, you go back downstairs and tell him a little half-truth about it not being morning yet since you can tell he’s over-tired. Then you block his view with your body as you silently whisk the one-year-old out of her crib where she’s just woken up and leave him to snuggle back in.

Marriage is telling your husband in no uncertain terms on the phone that you don’t think he should drive 45 miles through a looming snow storm and stay overnight just to lead a choir rehearsal, and then rushing around to pack him a bag and gather up boots and shovels and food to facilitate said adventure before he swings by the house to pack them for himself, because once opinions have been stated, you have each others’ backs no matter what. And happiness is when he walks in the door to say he’s made a phone call to the church and the consensus is he should stay home.

And maybe stupidity is spending all week feverishly writing a slightly-trashy Christmas piano piece at someone’s request, doing work that, if the requester had known the trade he was requesting, he would’ve known the market rate for his request was well over $1000, but you’re doing it for free because you don’t tend to be very good at saying no.

These are the sorts of snapshot memories of life I don’t want to forget when they fade into history.

Update: Feeling loved: My remarkably cheerful husband takes the kids for dinner and bedtime so I can keep working toward my deadline, since he wants to hang out with me tonight with his newly free time. D’awwwh. I just love him.


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