Weekend Links for December 7

Two pieces on a similar topic came to me in the same afternoon from completely different sources. I found them both interesting. First: Desperate Housewives – Why Young Mothers Don’t Need God; They Need Help Second: Are Christian Mothers Human: Three Reports from the Battlefield. The latter is a book review covering three similar books, none of which I’ve read but all of which I want to look into it.

Rethinking Newborn Photos by a photographer. She’s suggesting we get pictures with fewer pumpkins, more Mommies. As a self-conscious mom, especially after my first pregnancy when I’d gained almost 70 pounds, I look back and wish I had more pictures to document those incredibly raw first days.

And this was just lovely and speaks my heart so well. Concerning Beauty from The Rabbit Room.

This is by far the best treatment of this subject that I’ve read; maybe the only one that I have really ever appreciated. Gospel-Centered Sex?

And speaking of photography… So You’re Feeling Too Fat to Be Photographed.


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