Weekend Links: Merry Christmas Edition

I whole-heartedly agree with this article from Patheos called Why You Should Believe in Santa (Even if He Doesn’t Exist). One thing we passionately want for our children is for them to grow up understanding that human intellect doesn’t begin and end at information and knowledge, or even at wisdom. Imagination!

And this treasure from Rachel Jankovic, Joy to the Whirled, was such a gift to me in the midst of a couple weeks of Certifiable Crazy in our lives, which I am relieved to say we are now recovering from. She writes:

This year I want to see all these obstacles to celebration as one of the most important parts of the celebration. Jesus came to us here, and we are celebrating that gift here. In this house, with all these normal problems. Feeling the stretching, and the creaking, and the bursting is all part of the glory that is being revealed. It is so easy to think that the whole point of Christmas is to keep calm until that one morning. That moment that we want to be perfect.


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