On Christ, the Servant

Scripture: John 13:3-5
Hymn: Thou Who Wast Rich beyond All Splendor
(Symbol: Sandal)

Jesus was the Son of God, great and glorious. He lived in heaven with God the Father. In coming to earth as a man He became a servant. The prophet Isaiah said that the coming Messiah would be God’s Servant. God the Father sent Jesus to earth to redeem His people, and Jesus submitted to His Father. In coming to earth, He served God. He served us, too. He loved us so much that He was willing to give up all the glory of heaven. When He came to earth He was born in a lonely, dirty stable—a barn where cows and horses slept. He could have come like a great king. He could have had comfort and riches and anything He wanted, because He was God. But he was humble. The Apostle Paul said that Jesus “made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant.” He even humbled himself by dying on the cross. The night before Jesus died He shared supper with His friends, the disciples. After supper He got up from the table and took a towel and washed the feet of all His disciples. Washing feet was a dirty and shameful job, but Jesus wanted to show His friends that He had come as their servant. He wanted to teach them how to serve, too. He told them to love each other just like He loved them. This means we, too, must be servants to each other. We must have the mind of Jesus, who made himself nothing, and we must love each other by humbling ourselves, caring for each other, and choosing not to let selfishness grow in our hearts. Jesus said that if we love one another as He loved us, then the world will know that we are His disciples.

Dear Jesus, thank you for humbling yourself to come to earth. Thank you for serving the Father and submitting to death on the cross to redeem us. Thank you for showing us an example of humility in washing your disciples’ feet. Please make us Your servants. Teach us how to love each other in humility. Amen.


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