About this Blog

About This Blog

I blog about lots of things. Parenting. Marriage. Food. The Christian life. Music. Worship & the Church. My life. Everything I write here comes unapologetically from the perspective of a covenantally-minded, Reformed Presbyterian Christian committed to the sole and whole authority of Scripture for living well.

But now that’s been said, I’d like to back-pedal and explain that I prefer to go by the simple title of “Christian,” and I am not afraid of talking with and listening to you if you’re neither covenantally-minded nor a Christian. One time God used a Muslim’s college chapel talk to bring me the most powerful lesson He had for me all year. True story.

If you are here, you are welcome here. If my perspective is not your cup of tea there are other blogs out there. If it is, welcome to my corner. I hope you’ll find encouragement and inspiration and fellowship.

About Me

My name is Susan. I am a big-city Florida girl living in small-town Indiana for now, though I left my heart back in Minnesota when we moved here in 2011.

In 2010 I graduated from St. Olaf College with a Bachelor of Music in Church Music/Organ. I met the man of my dreams in the St. Olaf organ studio and we were married on February 6, 2010. His name is Mike. He’s from Kansas City and he’s studying in pursuit of a career in organ and higher education, so that we can be at liberty, as organists, to follow our first love: small-church ministry as musicians.

I am currently living a happy, beautiful life of loving our son, born April 3, 2011, and our daughter, born August 16, 2012, and trying to keep bills paid and the house clean and food on the table. I play, create, and teach music as often as I can, and I run my small record label.

About Wednesday Grace

One of my favorite Old Testament stories is of the widow at Zarephath who probably stood with downcast eyes and upturned palms in front of Elijah when he asked her for a meal. She couldn’t possibly serve the Lord in this way! This last meal was to sustain her family tomorrow–to prolong their life beyond that day. But apparently that day is all she really needed to concern herself with. Elijah saw to it that she never forgot that. Every day she emptied her flour jar. Every morning it was full again.

That is why my blog is called Wednesday Grace. Several years ago I was working with a teacher and mentor, hosting a busy music conference with nowhere near enough staff or resources. A loitering attendee asked him if he was ready for his concert the next day. “No…” he said. I was worried for a minute. “No, of course not. My concert is tomorrow. Today is Tuesday and I have Tuesday Grace. Tomorrow is Wednesday and tomorrow I will have Wednesday Grace.”

Or as Steven Curtis Chapman would say, “Lord, I do believe that the God that you’ve been every day of history is who you are this day.”


2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Thank you for your kind words on theMiddleBit. Snooping? Not at all. Mind? Of course not. That’s the funny thing about a blog…not everybody writes one. Not everybody wants one. Some people have a journal, in a drawer, just for them. My words are written to be read, by you or anyone else you may pass them along to. Again, thank you. It’s nice to know who’s out there.

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